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Rasiermesserscharfe, handgefertigte Hundepflegeschere aus hochwertigem japanischem Edelstahl. Die Rockwell-Härte von 54-56 sorgt für Langlebigkeit und leichtes Handling. Sie sind für den täglichen Gebrauch sowie für den Feinschliff entwickelt worden.

Pflege der Schere
  • Reinigen, trocknen und ölen Sie Ihre Schere am Ende jeder Pflegesitzung
  • Überprüfen Sie die Schere nach jedem Gebrauch auf ihre Einstellung
  • Behandeln Sie die Schere schonend
  • Achten Sie darauf, dass die Klingen nichts Anderes berühren als Hunde- oder Menschenhaar
  • Lassen Sie die Schere mindestens einmal im Jahr professionell schärfen

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
wonderful shears

I couldn't wait to have my very own pair of Doglyness shears and wow, I was amazed from first cut! They fit perfectly in my hand, are easy to work with and I don't feel any fatique in my hand or wrist. I used them from beginning of haircut and also to create a really smooth, nice finish at the end. They are fabulous from start to finish!

Jade Goman
Love these scissors

Absolutely loved these scissors from the very first snip. They are sturdy enough to cut some bulk off yet also leave a beautiful finish. The 9.5inch size is perfect for shaping the jacket on my standard poodle. These are a must have in my grooming kit now!

Magda S.
Best shears I ever used!

For this price, these are the best shears I ever used. Very lightweight and still strong enough to cut neglected coats. However, I prefer to use them for finishing or non-shedding breeds only. Extremely sharp and precise, with slightly shorter finger resters. It’s great that you offer product descriptions with measurements to choose what fits my hand the best easily.
Also, the design is pretty awesome. The packaging is beautiful!
Very satisfied with this model!

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