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Incredible sheen

I use this shampoo on my six month old cocker puppy. She is a light colored silvery buff and therefore her coat does not reflect light as a darker colored one. I am very pleased with the sheen and texture of her coat.

Meets Expectations

I use this on my light colored buff show prospect cocker spaniel. It’s light yet delivers conditioning and softness without loss of body or volume.

The best products for my poodle

Doglyness gives me hope that I could grow the show coat back 😍 I used to bathe her once a week to keep her tangle free. It's been a month from last bath and brush and totally tangle free still! Amazing! And what a shine and quality it gives to her gorgeous fur 😍❤️ Thank you so much for inventing Doglyness ❤️

Used with OATS Shampoo

I used this line for my Standard Poodle who has very sensitive skin, he even itches a bit after IMMORTELLE. He didn't have a single itch that I noticed after his bath with OATS Shampoo and Conditioner. With IMMORTELLE his hair is soft and shiny but with OATS combo it was soft, shiny AND thick...dense enough for a good scissor session. My new favourite line for before a trim.

OATS Calming Shampoo
Alison Newell

This week I used the OATS shampoo on both my Standard Poodles. Both boys' coats felt thick and strong, ready for me to scissor. I couldn't believe the transformation in the density of their hair even after one use (both have been bathed regularly with IMMORTELLE for nearly a year). One boy's flop knot turned into a true top knot!

best shampoo ever

this combo is amazing on any coat type!! Its all I wan to use in my dog spa!!

Immortelle is perfection

I purchased the shampoo and conditioner. At first the dilution ratio was hard for me to understand and to get right. I had other pet professionals explain to me how to froth the product to get more use from less product. This was revolutionary! It doesn’t take much of this conditioner to make my standard poodle, Kimber’s hair look lustrous and vibrant. I typically bathe and condition him once a week because I’m trying to maintain competition coat. This product makes it effortless. The conditioner helps with ease of brushing, nurturing the skin and added shine. I could not be more pleased with the results after only 3 uses. I will never not use doglyness on my pups. Thanks for making such an awesome product with pets skin care on mind and our Earth. I feel great knowing in buying from a brand that is considerate of both.

Excellent product

Only using a small amount of condition brush in wet coat on my Bichon, the outcome is fabulous, so thick and hair stand up so well for grooming.

Great brush

I saw this brush recommended highly on another site and decided to try it as I find using a slicker brush quite difficult. It is definitely worth the price tag and my poodle and I both enjoy the grooming process much more now. A really good purchase!

Best brush

I use the brush for my poodle and I love it! It's the best brush after the bathtime when i blower the coat!

Steel The Show Curved
wonderful shears

I couldn't wait to have my very own pair of Doglyness shears and wow, I was amazed from first cut! They fit perfectly in my hand, are easy to work with and I don't feel any fatique in my hand or wrist. I used them from beginning of haircut and also to create a really smooth, nice finish at the end. They are fabulous from start to finish!

I’m in love

I use this for a long haired Lhasa Apso client that comes in for his weekly bath and tidy. I’ve been using it for about a month now for his sensitive skin and today his owner mentioned that he’s been less itchy!

Never going back!

I love this line! I use it on a long haired Lhasa Apso with sensitive skin that comes in weekly for a bath and tidy and I feel like this the only shampoo and condition where I can see an actual improvement for his skin and coat. Plus the shine is unreal!

OATS Calming Conditioner
Rose Agracewicz
Groomer’s Magic Wand

This is the groomer’s magic wand clients have always thought we had. Now we do. The Oats Calming line is an unequivocal bathing experience. The results speak for themself more than any review could.

OATS Calming Shampoo
Rose Agracewicz
Finally, it’s here!

This product is unlike any other. A little goes a long way, the creamy texture absorbs brilliantly, and the finished coat is left naturally textured yet manageable and soft. Using it on my spring/summertime allergy-prone Corgi to soothe her skin and prevent flair ups. Wonderful!!

The best product for poodles

OATS Calming Shampoo
Morozova Olga
Beautiful result

I washed my dog with OATS!!!
I'm glad of result! Her coat was elastic, textured, not soft. OATS is a very necessary and high-quality product. This is very good line before grooming, show and for washing puppies.

Life changing

This product line is like no other, I have noticed such amazing growth and vitality in my 7 Month old Standard poodles coat. I have used it on some of my clients at my grooming salon and it has NEVER let me down. Truly incredible and worth every penny!!!

Wonderful product

I wondered why Doglyness is more money than a lot of other shampoos, having used it since September with my dogs looking simply stunning and knot free I understand, it is not hype, it’s a fantastic product that ‘does what is says on the tin’ it’s rich and highly dilutable so it turns out to be very economical when used correctly. You dog is simply squeaky clean, the coat is nourished and easy to control and looks amazing. I’m not sure what else I can say except try it. OATS feeds the skin, my older dogs looked incredible after just one wash.

Simply sensational

I was already a big fan of Immortelle shampoo and conditioner, I was not sure if I would be happy with changing but I gave it a try as a few of my older dogs have dandruff and have a dry feel to their skin. I did Dom who is 16 first, his skin looks incredible and with just the tiniest squeeze of shampoo into warm water, a little goes a long way and produced rich creamy lather. I’m once again hooked on Doglyness! My dogs are squeaky clean!

Beautiful products that I can trust 100%

I have been using Doglyness since last year. The transformation of the coat on my Min Poodle is outstanding. After spending £££ on other products since she was a pup, her coat was always a challenge to keep in a nice condition, so bathing every week was a must and this gave result to a dry skin.
Now she gets bath about every 3 weeks and the whole grooming process is so much better! No matts, beautiful silky coat that dries quickly resulting in nice thick and shiny coat.
The most important fact of Doglyness personally and as a dog groomer is that finally I’ve found a product that it’s clean, organic and free from really unpleasant chemicals to use not just on my own dogs but clients too. The effort by the manufacturer to transparency of the ingredients in the products and creating environmentally friendly packaging is a total win for me. Wonderful products and worth every penny. Happy grooming! 😍🐾🐾💙💛


I love them! The hair is very moisturized and nourished. The hair was practically straightening by itself. Drying took 30 minutes, it always was 1 hour. It feels like there is more hair. I am delighted with this product.


I finally found the right cosmetics 😍 Perfect results after the first use. I am happy that Doglyness cosmetics have achieved the impossible - finally no dreadlocks! 😍 The coat is beautifully shiny, hydrated, nourished. I am happy that I decided to try these cosmetics and it is definitely cosmetics that must not be missing at home.

Steel The Show Straight
Constance Hunter

Having purchased the Midas Touch shears both straight and curved, I didnt expect to be surprised but I was wrong! These shears are awesome and will definitely help you ‘steal the show’. They are slightly heavier than the Midas ones but they are a credit to German engineering, fabulous quality and extremely sharp and well balanced. I normally use an 8” scissor as I have small hands but Anka suggested I try the 9.5 for my standard poodles and she was right, the length is in the blade so were a lovely fit in my hand. Highly recommend these shears. Excellent shears at an affordable price.

The best shampoo and conditioner

This is fantastic! I cannot believe how good the results were. My double coated dog is so glossy, soft and in such good condition. I love that the ingredients are all natural and the packaging and company is ethical