Three Years of Doglyness: A Journey of Passion, Purpose, and Growth

Doglyness was born with a clear purpose: to unveil the fundamental connection between humans, dogs, and Mother Nature. Every one of our products was created with lots of love, dedication, and passion. The creation and development of our unique natural pet skincare range have been a labor of love for every member of the Doglyness team, and it means so much that the work we are passionate about also resonates with others. And now, officially, 3 years since the launch of the brand, we want to look back on the last year and highlight all the amazing things that Doglyness has achieved.

Lipa Nutritive Line

One of the standout accomplishments we've celebrated this year involves the introduction of the Lipa Nutritive Collection. Within our grooming community, inquiries have consistently poured in regarding how to repair severely damaged coats. This inquiry sparked our determination to craft a product capable of resurrecting tattered coats and facilitating regrowth, and that’s how the Lipa Nutritive Collection came to be.

So, what sets this line apart? To begin with, it stands as our most concentrated offering to date. Our choice of natural plant extracts, such as aloe vera and linden flower, in this shampoo and conditioner, provides a soothing and protective shield for both the skin and fur. It's a remedy that helps reduce irritation while infusing the coat with revitalizing hydration. But we’ve gone one step further to formulate a solution that also balances the skin's pH and gets rid of inflammation, resulting in the total restoration of both the fur and skin.

doglyness natural dog shampoo

The Lipa Nutritive Line

Since the launch, we’ve had many groomers in our community integrate Lipa into their grooming routines to supplement either Immortelle or Oats, especially on maintenance weeks. One customer committed, “We had been using Immortelle rejuvenating shampoo and conditioner on our standard poodle Boris since August of 2022 and were very pleased with the results since he has a thick coat which needs a lot of maintenance and attention. Since then, we had also been growing him out in continental and felt like he needed that bit more nourishment. Enter Lipa! In Lipa, his coat is even softer while maintaining texture, and it survives the wrapping every single week. We have found a great balance between using Lipa on maintenance weeks and immortelle on show weeks and are blown away by the results. 100 out of 5 stars."


Another gap we identified was the lack of high-quality, natural, and effective dog grooming mats. So, taking inspiration from yoga mats, we set out to create a dog grooming mat that was truly revolutionary and created the Doglymat.

Our goal was to create a dog grooming mat that was durable and would stand up to daily wear and tear without losing shape. It needed to provide a comfortable and stable surface for dogs to stand on, while adhering firmly to surfaces for safety during grooms. And we would do it all sustainably, using natural and plant-friendly materials free from plastic and toxic materials.

The Doglymat is crafted from ethically sourced, high-quality natural rubber and coconut fiber, which is not only soft and durable but also completely free from harmful substances or chemicals. Plus, it's a renewable resource, and coconut trees are known for their minimal impact on land, water, and energy resources.

Even with the Doglymat only being available since last month, it’s already had an impact, becoming a finalist for the New Product of the Year 2023 at the Pet Industry Federation Awards and receiving rave reviews in our customer trials. Groomer Leonora T said, “Totally non-slip, much more hard-wearing than the brand alternative we had already, and best of all, made from natural, sustainable materials."

Doglymat dog grooming mat

The Doglymat: available in Pawfect Pink and Minty Paws

Winners of the Sustainability Award from the Pet Industry Federation

Almost immediately after celebrating our 2nd anniversary, we received the amazing news that Doglyness had won the Sustainability Award at the Pet Industry Federation Awards. After making it into the finals in 2021, it was an incredible achievement to take home the award last year.

Although our commitment to sustainability has always been for the love of dogs and the planet, recognition helps to spread awareness and create a more profound impact. Our founder, Anka, commented on the win, saying, “This recognition inspires other brands and the industry as a whole, showing them that it’s possible to provide high-quality natural products with a low footprint on the planet.” We can’t change the entire industry on our own, and platforms like the Pet Industry Federation Awards give us the opportunity to spread the word about all the incredible things we’ve been doing in hopes of inspiring others to implement changes as well.

The Pet Industry Federation Awards 2023

After successfully taking home the Sustainability Award last year and following all of our new developments and launches in 2023, we decided to present submissions for multiple different award categories in this year's Pet Industry Federation Awards. And we are thrilled to say that we’ve been shortlisted as finalists for FOUR awards this year! These include:

  • New product award
  • Manufacturer of the year
  • Online business of the year
  • Sustainability award

The winners will be announced soon, but regardless, we are filled with gratitude to be finalists in these categories among some incredibly innovative pet care brands. The fact that we’ve received these recognitions reaffirms that the work that we are doing here at Doglyness is valued and that we are on the right path. Stay tuned for updates on the results!

Doglyness sustainability award

Our founder Anka with the PIF 2022 Sustainability Award

New Distributors!

We are always seeking other mission-driven distributors to support Doglyness, allowing us to increase the reach of our products. It’s important to us that all our distributors represent the brand with integrity and are hyper-aligned with what we stand for as a brand, along with the expertise and knowledge to assist our customers. And we’re excited to announce that this summer, we signed a new distributor in Sweden, Liselotte Molander.

When Liselotte became a poodle owner, she was looking for high-quality grooming products with clean ingredient lists that were good for the environment, as she had previously struggled to find shampoos without nasty chemicals. Her breeder recommended Doglyness, and after she bought her first bottle, she was hooked. Once she began showing her dog at dog shows, she was really supposed that she didn’t find Doglyness among the booths and felt called to showcase the product herself by representing our brand on the Swedish market.

We’re so happy to have her on board, bringing Doglyness to Swedish groomers and pet owners!

New Coat Therapy Line

But that’s not all. We are just about to launch yet another fantastic product line - the Coat Therapy Line. This new line has been specifically designed to focus on follicle health and improvements, targeting dogs with persistent damage or chemically treated coats. Groomers often come to us at their wits ends, with many fur-clients walking in their doors who have had their coats destroyed by chemical-laden products. Reversing that damage can be tough, so we’ve created something tailored for them.

Our first products will include a Lightweight Repair Oil, which replaces the silicones found in most store-bought repair oils. Instead, we use 100% naturally derived ingredients. Additionally, we will have the Complex Repair Mask, a highly concentrated mask that is dedicated to repairing the most broken and damaged coats.

Looking Into Year 4

It’s unbelievable to think that we are already heading into our fourth year, but as our business grows, we will continue in our efforts to push the boundaries of the pet coat care industry and look forward to creating innovative pet care solutions for many years to come.

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