COMPLEX REPAIR MASK | Root-To-Tip Revitalizing Coat Therapy

€60 / 100ml

Strengthen and repair dry, damaged, and broken coats with the power of our luxurious, 97% natural, nutrient-rich coat mask, expertly formulated to breathe new life into damaged and dry fur. This exceptional treatment is a must-have for coats that have endured excessive damage, dehydration or need of recovery after chemical treatments.

Our revitalizing mask is enriched with a blend of nature's finest ingredients, including Argan oil, Shea Butter, and Linden extract, known for their deep nourishing and rejuvenating properties. It goes beyond simple hydration, with powerful moisturizers like Aloe vera, Glycerine, and Panthenol working together to replenish moisture and support cellular regeneration. The result? Visibly restored, hydrated, and denser fur that's bound to turn heads and leave you in awe.

But the benefits don't stop there. Our mask features Phyto Proteins and Phytosterols that not only promote healthy hair growth but also enhance volume and fortify the hair structure. Say goodbye to lackluster, compromised coats – our mask is the true savior.

More natural benefits:

Nurture | Soothe | Regenerate | Restore Moisture | Repair | Add Shine


Using the Complex Repair Mask:

  1. Prepare the Mask: Combine the Complex Repair Mask with lukewarm water in a dilution ratio of up to 1:20. Adjust the dilution based on your dog's coat type and condition. Mix the mask and water thoroughly until it forms a creamy solution.

  2. Application: After washing your dog with shampoo and thoroughly rinsing, apply the mask liberally onto the wet coat, ensuring thorough coverage. For optimal results, gently massage or use a wet brush to work the mask into the coat for 3-5 minutes. This allows the nourishing botanicals to penetrate deeply and work their magic.

  3. Rinsing: After massaging, rinse the coat thoroughly with water to ensure all the mask is washed out. If needed, you can leave the conditioner on longer, especially for severely dehydrated coats.

  4. Enhancing Effects: For a stronger maintaining effect, incorporate the mask as a second conditioning phase after your regular conditioner. Alternatively, use it as the sole conditioner to deliver essential nutrients and slip back to the skin and coat. For additional strength, consider adding a couple of spritzes of Coat Therapy Line Lightweight Repair Oil.

  5. Conditioning Spray Solution: For added convenience, prepare a conditioning spray solution premixed with distilled water in a ratio of 80:1. Use this solution to spray on the damaged coat while drying, further aiding in repair and maintenance.

  6. Adjusting for Damaged Coats: In the case of very damaged or dry coats, you can use the mask straight or less diluted to provide a stronger nurturing benefit.

By following these instructions, you can maximize the benefits of the Complex Repair Mask and achieve optimal results for your dog's coat.



Aqua*, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*/**, Cetearyl Alcohol*, Tilia Tomentosa Bud Extract*/**, Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride*, Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycosides*, Myristyl Alcohol*, Stearyl Alcohol*, Polyglyceryl-10 Caprylate/Caprate*, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil*/**, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*/**, Glycerin*, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein*, Panthenol, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Inulin*, Sodium Chloride*, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid*, Sodium Levulinate*, Potassium Sorbate, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate*, Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables*, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba Gum*, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride*, Fragrance* (Allergen-Free Composition).

* Ingredients from natural origin (97.5%)

** Ingredients from organic agricultural sources (33.0%)

Certified organic and vegan by


Explore the benefits of our carefully chosen key active ingredients, each selected for their extraordinary qualities:

  1. ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE: A soothing and hydrating ingredient that helps to moisturize and soothe the skin.
  2. TILIA TOMENTOSA BUD EXTRACT: An extract known for increasing moisture levels and aiding in the restoration of dry and damaged skin.
  3. ARGANIA SPINOSA KERNEL OIL: Argan oil is rich in nutrients and helps nourish and improve the overall condition of the coat and skin.
  4. BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER: Shea butter provides deep moisture and protection for the skin and coat.
  5. HYDROLYZED VEGETABLE PROTEIN: Enhances the health and condition of both hair and skin.
  6. PANTHENOL: Also known as Vitamin B5, it improves hydration, reduces itching, and relieves irritated skin.
  7. HYDROXYPROPYLTRIMONIUM INULIN: Helps repair follicles and combat frizz, improving the overall texture of the coat.
  8. GLYCERIN: A plant-derived ingredient that restores moisture and protects both the coat and skin.
  9. OLIVE OIL UNSAPONIFIABLES: Increases moisture levels, nourishing the coat and improving its overall condition.
  10. TOCOPHERYL ACETATE: A form of Vitamin E that offers antioxidant benefits for the coat and skin.

These carefully selected ingredients work in harmony to deliver nourishment, hydration, repair, and protection for your dog's coat and skin.

  • Organic and Vegan Certification: Certified by
  • Natural Origin: Contains 97.5% natural ingredients.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Packaged in 100% recyclable and reusable aluminum jars.
  • Gentle Formula: Tearless and hypoallergenic ingredients ensure a safe and comfortable experience for your pet.
  • Allergen-Free Fragrance: Scented with an allergen-free fragrance.
  • Promotes Coat and Skin Health: Supports overall coat and skin health.
  • Enhances Coat Thickness: Increases coat thickness for a lustrous appearance.
  • Suitable for All Coats and Skin Types: Beneficial for all damaged and dry coats and suitable for all skin types.
  • Highly Concentrated: Follow the user instructions on the original product listing for the best results.


  • GMOs and cancerogenic substances
  • Ethanolamine Compounds (MEA, DEA, TEA, and others)
  • Mineral Oils
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Phthalates
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
  • Propylene Glycol (PPG)
  • Silicones
  • Sulphates
  • Synthetic Dyes
  • Triclosan

Why a "NO Nasties pledge"?
We firmly believe that investing in quality and certified organic products for your pet means investing in their health to ensure prosperity and well-being.

Specifically, we're proud to say that all Doglyness products are free from any of the ingredients listed here, which are instead common in most commercial pet shampoos and conditioners, and that can turn out to be harmful in the long run.



We are proud to be the first pet brand in the industry that uses the patented Veganbottle®, a revolutionary packaging made from 100% raw compostable materials, including bottle caps and labels. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the bottle itself, as we actively combat plastic pollution by banning non-sustainable materials throughout our entire production, packaging, shipping, and storage processes.

Learn more about our Plastic-Free pledge and discover how we're making a positive impact on the environment. When you place an order, plastic pumps and closures will be provided separately at no extra cost with your first purchase. We encourage you to save and reuse these pumps and closures for future orders, as we strive together towards a plastic-free future and a greener planet.

Der Doglyness-Weg

Wir bei Doglyness sehen es als unsere Pflicht und Verantwortung an, alles in unserer Macht Stehende zu tun, um Ihnen die nachhaltigste Option für die Pflege Ihres Haustieres zu bieten. Die Branche der Haustierpflege hat traditionell einen ziemlich großen Fußabdruck, und wir wissen, dass wir es besser machen können - ja müssen! Deshalb haben wir nachgeforscht und effektive Wege gefunden, um Produkte von höchster Qualität zu liefern, ohne die Erde zu belasten. Für Doglyness gehen wirksame natürliche Hundeprodukte Hand in Hand mit dem Respekt für Mensch, Tier und Natur.


ECOGEA Bio-zertifiziert

Die Produkte von Doglyness sind frei von Giftstoffen und bestehen aus hochwertigen, ECOGEA-zertifizierten Bio-Inhaltsstoffen, die wirksame Ergebnisse liefern und Haut und Haare Ihres Hundes gesund, strahlend und glänzend machen.


ECOGEA Vegan-zertifiziert

Wir bei Doglyness sind stolz darauf, sagen zu können, dass unsere Produkte vom ECOGEA-Institut als vegan zertifiziert sind, was bedeutet, dass sie keine tierischen Extrakte oder tierischen Nebenprodukte in den Inhaltsstoffen oder im Herstellungsprozess enthalten.



Wir sind der festen Überzeugung, dass die Investition in hochwertige und zertifizierte Bio-Produkte für Ihr Haustier eine Investition in seine Gesundheit bedeutet, um Wohlstand und Wohlbefinden zu gewährleisten. Aus diesem Grund haben wir ein „NO-NASTIES“-Versprechen abgelegt und schicken alle fiesen Chemikalien ins Exil.



Wir bei Doglyness haben beschlossen, der Plastikverschmutzung den Kampf anzusagen, indem wir alle Plastikmaterialien verbieten, die bei der Produktion, der Verpackung, dem Versand und der Lagerung unserer Produkte verwendet werden.


Wenn Sie sich für Doglyness-Produkte entscheiden, können Sie sicher sein, dass der Herstellungsprozess keine Aktivitäten beinhaltete, die Tieren schaden oder sie töten und das wird auch so bleiben!


Wenn es um unsere Produkte geht, gehen wir kein Risiko ein und halten es gerne "lokal".

Deshalb sind wir stolz darauf, sagen zu können, dass unsere Produkte vollständig in der EU gemäß den „Good Manufacturing Practices“ (GMP) für Kosmetikprodukte hergestellt werden.

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Customer Reviews

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Alison Newell
Moisture Boost for a Dry Top Knot

I've been using this mask on my salon clients that come in with super dry coats from spending a lot of time in the sea. I have found it has helped with softening the dry and damaged hair on these dogs without sacrificing the structure of the hair. The coats have been easy to work with following the treatment, and they smell delicious.