Immortelle Rejuvenating Linie Set


Unsere MUST-HAVE-Kombination, wenn es darum geht, Haut und Haar des Hundes gesund zu halten und richtig zu pflegen.

Unsere hochkonzentrierte, bio-zertifizierte und vegane IMMORTELLE Rejuvenating Line repariert tiefgreifend, verbessert die Elastizität von Haut und Haar und fördert die allgemeine Fellgesundheit.

Eine Kombination aus Anti-Aging-Immortelle, Phyto-Proteinen und Phytosterolen stimuliert das Haarwachstum und hilft, den Haarschaft zu stärken. Das Haar wird sichtbar genährt, nicht beschwert und frei von statischer Aufladung.


3 x 500ml Immortelle Rejuvenating Shampoo & 2 x 500ml Immortelle Rejuvenating Conditioner

Getrennte Verschlüsse: 1 x Plastikpumpe / 1 x Disc-Top (Bitte aufbewahren und wiederverwenden, die Produkte sind ursprünglich in plastikfreien Verpackungen verpackt)

    • 1,5 Liter Shampoo & 1 Liter Pflegespülung
    • Bio und vegan zertifiziert (
    • >98% Inhaltsstoffe aus natürlichem Ursprung
    • Allergenfreier Duft
    • Reinigungsmittel aus Kokosnuss (sulfatfrei)
    • Kann bis zu 1:25 (Shampoo) und 1:30 (Spülung) verdünnt werden
    • Erhöht die Haardicke
    • Abgefüllt in 100% kompostierbare Veganflasche®
    • Geeignet für alle Haartypen
    • Ethanolamin-Verbindungen (MEA, DEA, TEA, und andere)
    • GMOs und krebserregende Substanzen
    • Mineralöle
    • Parabene
    • Petrochemische Stoffe
    • Phenoxyethanol
    • Phthalate
    • Polyäthylenglykol (PEG)
    • Propylenglykol (PPG)
    • Silikone
    • Sulfate
    • Synthetische Farbstoffe
    • Triclosan

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Nellie Dunlap
    My go to bundle

    I groom so many doodles and this shampoo and conditioner is such a game changer and a life saver! Not only do they stay smelling good, they’re tangle free, soft and just overall an outstanding look and feel on their coat! A little goes a long way! All my pet parents have been sooo happy with the quality and outcome!!

    Mila Frol
    Never using anything else

    We were having some major isues with Aria’s coat. It was growing very slowly, it wasn’t as white as I would like it to be and it was dammaged. Just when it started getting healthier the hairs started to grow pink from the roots up🙂. To say the least, I was devastated…. It happened a week before the most important show in her career. We showed her anyway and she did well because it wasn’t as visible in the sun. Than, just before Split night shows, Anka posted about coming on the show. I asked her to bring me Immortelle Rejuvenating shampoo and conditioner.
    I bathe my dogs every two weeks and after just a month (2 baths) I saw about 5mm of new white hair and now after 2 and a half months they’s about 1 inch of growth and the pink is almost gone.
    Did I consider dying that part of her coat? Yes… a thousand times… I didn’t because I decided to put my trust into Doglyness.
    It’s seriously the best product I have ever purchased and I won’t ever use something else on my dogs. Thank you Anka, thank you Doglyness!❤️🐩

    The photo with a band was taken on the 28.08. and the other one on the 10.10. I unfortunately don’t have photos from when it started

    Norma Zamora
    1 con

    Just when you think your prep work couldn’t get any better ex.malamute that I groom every 6 weeks has never been easier to groom than when I used Doglyness. I don’t dread those big harry dogs anymore, even though I felt like it wasn’t enough product I was always impressed how a few pumps go a long way. It cleans down to the skin, every single strand of hair gets clean and you can see it when you start drying, hair flying,separating, detangling straightening, it’s a beautiful process. The brush and comb go through much easier making brush and prep time go by faster and if it’s a haircut dog cutting on that clean straight voluminous coat makes all the difference. Watch the hair transform! With Doglyness the look of the dog doesn’t end with the bath or haircut this shampoo enhances your grooms making them all look like shinny show dogs.
    My hands! they were embarrassingly ruff pealing cracking, I had gone to a dermatologist it was due to contact dermatitis the cream did not work because as we know similar to pets if we are still exposed to the allergen we will continue to suffer the effects, within a few weeks of using only Doglyness they have never looked better!
    After using it on my pups I was able to tell my Dogs look like they were freshly groomed longer and oh so buttery soft
    My only con is the size, wish it was bigger but I hear it’s in the works and I am anxiously waiting

    Tina angen
    Great product !

    I do a lot of doodles!! I actually use it on the matted ones or if it has lots of knot . The shampoo and conditioner I get all knots right out

    amazing products

    nothing better than a fluffy fur

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