Introducing Doglyness's Revolutionary Coat Therapy Line

Here at Doglyness, our commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly pet care is unwavering. We’ve gone to great lengths to produce some of the most innovative organic and vegan pet coat care products around, researching every last detail to ensure that they give great results with the lowest possible impact on the planet.

We draw inspiration from our dedicated and involved community, eagerly embracing the opportunity to develop products that cater to our customers' pet care challenges without the use of nasties (find out about our no nasties pledge here). Yes, it’s not always the easiest task, but we’re super excited about the results that can be achieved using only natural ingredients!

We’re delighted to share more about our newest line, the revolutionary Doglyness Coat Therapy line, which features two super-effective products for dogs with dull fur and damaged coats. Say goodbye to your dog’s frizzy, dry fur and hello to a naturally sleek, shining, healthy coat!

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of excitement here at Doglyness during the launch of a new product. This event marks the end goal of months of research and planning, with the aim of creating the pet coat care products that our loyal customers are crying out for.

The Coat Therapy line consists of the all-natural Lightweight Repair Oil and nutrient-packed Complex Repair Mask. As always, both are certified organic and rather than masking damage, they help to improve the health of your dog’s coat and skin.

Let’s take an in-depth look into why we developed these luxurious new products and how they might benefit your pets.

dog coat repair oil

Lightweight Repair Oil: Revitalize Your Dog's Coat Naturally

Our Lightweight Repair Oil may be one of the most versatile and effective products we’ve developed so far. If your dog’s coat is lacking shine and appears dull and lifeless, you’ll start to see great results from the very first application of this product.

Our blend of olive, macadamia, and argan oils is enriched with phytosterols, creating a nourishing serum that leaves your dog’s coat feeling softer and superbly lustrous after every use. Certified as 100% natural by The Ecogea Institute and packaged in recyclable aluminum bottles, this earth-friendly product is beneficial for all damaged and dry coats and suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of the Lightweight Repair Oil

Our unique Lightweight Repair Oil deeply nourishes and revitalizes dehydrated, thin, and damaged coats, targeting split ends and breakage to give noticeable results after just one application. Enriched with vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, this luxurious blend of natural oils reinforces coat structure and promotes overall skin and coat health.

Unlike synthetic chemical-laden hair oils, our Lightweight Repair Oil doesn’t mask issues. Instead, carefully selected plant proteins improve elasticity and strength, reducing breakage and leaving a gorgeous glossy shine. It is absorbed rapidly and leaves a yummy natural aroma without any greasy residue.

How to Use

When we created our Lightweight Repair Oil, we wanted it to be as versatile as possible. The result is a product that can be used in many different ways as part of your pet coat care routine:

  • Direct application: Spray the oil sparingly on damp or dry fur, focusing on areas needing care and nourishment.
  • Deep conditioning: Thoroughly mix repair oil with your favorite conditioner for deep moisturization.
  • Light care: Between baths, mix oil with water in a 50:50 ratio, shake well, and spray onto the coat. Brush gently to distribute evenly.
  • Detangling before brushing: Spray the oil sparingly then rub it into the coat, paying attention to ends and lengths.
  • Before wrapping: Take a small amount of oil on your fingertips and massage it into specific hair strands before wrapping.
dog coat repair

Complex Repair Mask: Deep Nourishment for Damaged Coats

And now for our second exciting new product! Pet owners and groomers can help revive and fortify damaged coats with our 97% natural Complex Repair Mask, expertly crafted to breathe new life into dry, damaged fur. Enriched with a strong blend of argan oil, shea butter, and linden extract, it deeply nourishes and rejuvenates, offering essential hydration and support for cellular regeneration.

This deep conditioning repair mask is essential for coats suffering from severe damage or moisture loss, particularly those that need extra TLC after chemical treatments. The Complex Repair Mask is designed to get damaged coats back to peak condition as quickly as possible, with visible results after just one use.

As with all Doglyness products, the Complex Repair Mask is certified as organic by The Ecogea Institute and comes in fully recyclable packaging.

Benefits of the Complex Repair Mask

Featuring phyto proteins and phytosterols for healthy hair growth, volume, and strength, our Complex Repair Mask gives groomers and pet owners a powerful weapon in the fight against dry, damaged fur. Moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, glycerine, and panthenol leave the coat and skin supple and hydrated, and the potent blend of argan oil, shea butter, and linden deeply nourishes every hair. This repair mask helps to deeply heal damage, improving the skin and coat every time it is used.

How to Use

The Complex Repair Mask is primarily intended to be used as a deep conditioning treatment during bathing, either as the sole conditioner or as a second conditioner phase:

  • Mix a small amount of the mask with lukewarm water to create a creamy solution.
  • Apply liberally to wet coat after shampooing, ensuring thorough coverage.
  • Massage or use a wet brush for 3-5 minutes to enhance penetration (leave on longer for extra moisturization).
  • Rinse the coat thoroughly to remove the mask.

The Complex Repair Mask can also be mixed with distilled water (80:1 ratio) to create a spray-on solution for use during drying to protect and repair the coat. For extra strength, consider pairing this luxurious coat mask with our Lightweight Repair Oil.

coat therapy line

Feedback on the Coat Therapy Line

Don’t just take our word for how effective the new products are—we’ve already had fabulous feedback from dog groomers and pet owners that have us glowing with pride!

Fans of the Lightweight Repair Oil have shared the following feedback with us:

“Aside from the absolutely divine smell, I am loving how easy this product spreads into a clean coat, offering smoothness and shine. I have even been using it as a scent on my (canine) clients before they leave as, since it's an oil based product the scent does not evaporate quickly. Love this one!”

“A little bit goes a looong way with this spray. It smells so good and makes brushing my doodle a breeze. The brush effortlessly glides through his coat. Definitely a must buy for me."

And our favorite review for the Complex Repair Mask proves we achieved everything we wanted with this product:

“I've been using this mask on my salon clients that come in with super dry coats from spending a lot of time in the sea. I have found it has helped with softening the dry and damaged hair on these dogs without sacrificing the structure of the hair. The coats have been easy to work with following the treatment, and they smell delicious.”

(P.S. We’re always excited to get feedback from our clients, so please pop onto our website or social media channels to let us know what you think!)

Try the Doglyness Coat Therapy Line

Whether you’re a professional dog groomer or a pet owner looking to treat their dog to the very best coat care products, you can’t go wrong with the innovative new Doglyness Coat Therapy line. Designed to perfectly complement our existing range of organic pet coat care products, Coat Therapy will leave your pet’s coat sleeker, shinier, and, above all, healthier. And as a little goes a very long way, you can reap the benefits of these amazing results for months or even years to come!