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We take our certifications seriously

Navigating the world of pet products can be tricky. As pet lovers, we yearn for what's best for our furry friends. But how do we truly know what's inside those attractively labelled bottles?

The Unspoken Reality

Many times, the pet industry hides behind ambiguous labels, slipping in harmful chemicals which sometimes don't even make it to the ingredient list. Even when consumers are conscientious about choosing "natural" or "organic" products, there's an underlying risk. The bitter truth is that due to limited regulations in the beauty sector, a product tagged as 'organic' or 'natural' might still contain ingredients that are processed, harmful, or artificially enhanced.

"It's not just about marketing; it's about honesty. Pet enthusiasts and professionals need genuine clarity, anchored with credible, third-party certification that they can wholeheartedly rely on."


Doglyness is different, Doglyness is certified

With Doglyness, what you see is what you get. We've dedicated ourselves to obtain official certifications from independent organizations. We believe in an uncompromising commitment to ingredient transparency and ensuring that every cosmetic formulation we offer is of the highest standard.

 We're ECOGEA certified and proud to show it

Doglyness products have earned organic and vegan certification from Ecogea - a distinguished independent body comprising experts from both the industry and academia. This body adheres to stringent organic guidelines, meticulously overseeing every ingredient and each step of the manufacturing process. Remember, substances applied to your dog's skin can be directly absorbed into their bloodstream. Given this fact, the decision to go organic seems not only wise but essential.

Opting for Doglyness goes beyond mere choice—it signifies a pledge to sustainability and unparalleled safety for your pet. Our grooming products are not only toxin-free and cruelty-free but also enriched with powerful, certified organic ingredients. The outcome? A collection that rejuvenates your dog's skin and coat, radiating vibrant health.

Adopt a proactive approach to your pet's well-being. By doing so, you can sidestep potential health complications and hefty vet bills, ensuring a life of wellness and vibrancy for your cherished four-legged companion.

About Ecogea

Ecogea is a beacon of excellence in advocating for the quality and innovation of natural and organic products. Founded by experts from both academia and the industry, this independent certification body establishes uncompromising standards in defining "natural" and "organic." Its meticulous criteria, tailored for the certification of natural and organic cosmetics, cleansing items, and fragrances, ensure only the highest-quality products are adorned with the Ecogea logo. Consumers can be confident that products bearing this emblem have undergone rigorous scrutiny and are of premium quality.

For a product to earn the Ecogea certification, its ingredients must:

  • Be indisputably of natural origin. Beyond this, both physical and chemical processes involved should advocate environmental stewardship. This means not only employing biodegradable packaging with low ecotoxicity but also perpetually focusing on shrinking the environmental footprint, thereby uplifting sustainability standards.

  • Adhere to the composition benchmark, which necessitates at least 95% of the ingredients to be natural. Depending on the product category, between 10% to 100% of these ingredients must be processed natural components sourced from organic agriculture—either physically or chemically. Furthermore, there's a stringent constraint on the inclusion of synthetic additives when natural alternatives are feasible.

Diving Deeper: The Ecogea Standard

Ecogea, an esteemed institute based in the EU, plays a pivotal role in shaping the global landscape of natural and organic products. The Ecogea standard crystallizes the essence of natural ingredients and organic farming.

Our unwavering adherence to the Ecogea standard underscores our commitment to transparency. This standard includes:

  • Ingredients rooted in natural origin or organic farming.
  • Environmentally-responsible physical and chemical methodologies.
  • Minimal environmental repercussions, highlighted by impressive biodegradability and negligible ecotoxicity.
  • Pioneering strides towards sustainable development.

Within this framework, products can be categorized into three tiers: Natural, Natural-Organic, and Organic. Every product is examined in-depth during certification to ensure it aligns with these categories.

Noteworthy Points:

  • Water, being a natural-mineral ingredient, isn't classified as organic.
  • Only ingredients derived from agriculture—including flora, fauna, or microbes, whether cultivated or wild-harvested—that undergo specific processes can be certified organic. For organic recognition, each ingredient must also be certified by an accredited body.
  • Some products may contain synthetic or nature-identical ingredients due to various constraints. Our labels clearly differentiate between synthetic, natural*, or organic** ingredients for your clarity.

For a thorough understanding of our unwavering commitment to organic and natural standards, download the comprehensive Ecogea Standard. We prioritize your trust and strive for transparency at every juncture.

The Doglyness way

We do things "The Doglyness way"

Certified Organic & Vegan is only one of the key aspects that define our unique way of doing things: read on about our NO Nasties pledge, Cruelty-free promise, Plastic-free commitment and Made in the EU guarantee