Amazing people, amazing cooperation: meet our UK distributors!

Dear supporters, groomers and dog lovers!

We have a big announcement to make. The Doglyness universe is expanding - we are launching a Doglyness UK website! That’s right, all our Doglyness fans in the United Kingdom are from now on able to order our products directly from our official UK distributors, Lynne and Steve Land.
You know how much we value transparency above all else when it comes to business, right? We would like to use this opportunity to introduce you to them, to their life stories, their hopes and dreams for the future. 
Believe us, these guys have some amazing stories to tell!

Childhood love becomes life path

Lynne is already well-known in the dog grooming world. She is a holistic dog trainer, judge, dog groomer and breeder. You think that’s all? Well, you’re mistaken. She is also a book author, Guiness World Record holder and Britain’s Got Talent finalist!
One can see clearly that all of these could have been achieved only if a person has genuine love for dogs, and that must have had a starting point, right?
I’ve had a lifetime of living with and loving dogs, starting as a toddler with our family Border Collie. We got our first Toy Poodle when I was five and so began my obsession!  
The love of poodles continued and, after several different jobs, Lynne began her career as a dog groomer, which has proven to be the life path that enables her to express her love towards these amazing little beings.
I loved it immediately and still do very much. Although I concentrate on just Poodles these days, I always loved working on all breeds.
Dog grooming is not the only dream she achieved when it comes to dogs.

photo source mojospoodleclub

Holistic approach to dog training

If you clicked on our previous Britain’s Got Talent or Guiness World Record links, you have seen Lynne’s little treasure called Mojo. Such grace, cleverness and pure love shown to the owner can only come from special kind of show ring training, and Lynne applies it to all dogs she’s training, not just her own.

I am a positive dog trainer, my dogs are always trained with kindness and fun, so I apply my agility/obedience training to my showing training. I have run several Poodle training days for beginners and love seeing a partnership blossom.
Such approach can do wonders, and Mojo’s achievements attest to it. But hold your horses, Lynne didn’t stop there!
More recently I’ve been lucky enough to get my dogs into film and TV work - they have to look immaculate - if directors want a Poodle for a project, they generally want high glamour!
So how’s that been going? Well, you might remember the new Burberry commercial we posted on our Instagram account - now you can recognise the faces that are on it!
In order to be stars of the show, Lynne’s poodles must have an amazing coat. Ding-ding-ding! Doglyness came with the solution and our amazing cooperation was born!


Lynes's poodle

photo source mojospoodleclub

How Lynne met Doglyness

Lynne has probably used every single one of the dog grooming products on the market: the ones others recommended, the ones that were marketed as innovations and top-products, the ones that she came across by chance.

I’ve been pleased initially, but then I found, after a few tries, that my dog’s coat was not looking so great: I really wanted to find something natural and healthy for my dogs, with long lasting results.
As if a sign of destiny, she came across Cool Poodles account on Instagram and was taken aback by their beautiful, thick and shiny coats, such as she hasn’t seen before in her life. She started chatting with our Anka, whose Doglyness products were still in their design phase, but her dogs were groomed using them.
I think like anyone interested in dog coat care, I couldn’t fail to be impressed with Anka’s passion to create an organic and totally natural coat care regime!
Lynne and Steve have a small army of Toy Poodles at home and they are all huge fans of Doglyness products. When Lynne is away, it is Steve who takes care of these little blessings and keeps everything ticking at home. They have what it takes for both a successful marriage and a successful business - they are a real team and each other’s best friends.
Our cooperation came natural, as if it was always meant to happen, based on our mutual love of dogs, life and the planet. When we started thinking about moving onto the UK market, we knew who our most trusted partners will be. We are thrilled and honoured for it and can’t stop thanking the universe that our paths have crossed somewhere along the line.
So, are you ready? Check out our new Doglyness UK website!

Poodle in car - Doglyness
photo source Youtube-Popcorn