Certified Natural Ingredients, Supported by Science

A common trait among all-natural and organic cosmetic products for dogs is their ability to enhance our dogs' appearance without causing harm. Products that contain harsh chemicals, on the other hand, don't share this advantage.

Some people might believe that chemicals are more potent or effective than natural ingredients. Fortunately, that's not the case. While chemicals can solve one issue, they might create another. This often leads us to use another product to fix the problem caused by the initial one, starting a cycle anew.

At Doglyness, we do things differently

At Doglyness, we take a different approach. Our goal is to maintain a natural standard and be transparent in our practices. Most of the ingredients we use in our products are sourced from the best-quality botanical sources within the EU, which we fondly refer to as "Earth's plants."

The Power of Certified Organic

At Doglyness, we are committed to avoiding greenwashing practices. This is why certifications hold significant importance for us. We have partnered with the Ecogea organization, the Institute for Quality and Control of natural and organic products, as the certifying body for our products. Ecogea is a respected institution that upholds stringent standards for defining what it truly means for a product to be natural and organic. Their certification process involves thorough ingredient checks and production audits to ensure adherence to their rigorous criteria. Each certificate is renewed every two years, with the potential for unannounced inspections within this period. When you encounter the Ecogea logo on our products, you can rest assured that they have earned the distinction of being genuinely natural and organic.

Continue scrolling down this page to gain insights into the various groups of plant-based ingredients we've carefully chosen. These selections work together to bring about a meaningful transformation, and we have worked diligently to formulate them to deliver excellent results and satisfaction, all while using solely plant-based and natural ingredients and avoiding the inclusion of "not so lovely" harsh chemical alternatives. Each ingredient has been carefully sourced and tested by our biochemists to ensure safety, quality, and effectiveness.

Furthermore, we've included the EWG* scores for each ingredient (for the comprehensive list, please refer to the respective pages). We take pride in the fact that the vast majority of these scores are rated 1, signifying the best possible score.

*EWG (The Environmental Working Group) is a U.S. nonprofit focused on research and advocacy in areas like agricultural subsidies, toxic chemicals, water pollutants, and corporate accountability.

Doglyness Active Ingredients group


A natural selection of kick-ass plant-based active ingredients, conditioning agents, and emollients that are helping us together in achieving a transformative evolution.
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Doglyness Emulsifiers Ingredients group


Natural agents that work to form a homogenous mixture to keep water and oil together.
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Doglyness Cleansers and Surfactants Ingredients group


A group of ingredients producing a delightful and frothy foam, which smooths out the hair follicles, leaving the skin with a deep clean feel.
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Doglyness pH Regulator ingredients group


Our choice of ingredients that help to ensure our products work in perfect harmony with yours and your pet's pH requirements.
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Allergen-free fragrance Ingredients group


An exclusive selection of IFRA certified allergen-free fragrances, safer scents for your pets sensitive nose and skin.
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Our eco, food-grade recognised ingredients that prevent the growth of microorganisms and bacteria that would otherwise contaminate the products.
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