Immortelle Flower for Dogs: Helichrysum for Your Dog's Well-Being

In the world of skincare and coat care, key ingredients like aloe vera and oatmeal are instantly recognised for their benefits. However, here at Doglyness, we’ve tapped into a less well-known natural ingredient – the botanical powerhouse that is the immortelle flower. We feel that the benefits of immortelle flower for dogs deserve to be sung from the rooftops, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do today!

Immortelle is the commonplace name for Helichrysum Italicum, a coastal plant also known as everlasting, Italian strawflower, and curry plant. This remarkable plant has such incredible healing properties that we felt the name Immortelle – meaning ‘everlasting’ in French – was perfect for our range of rejuvenating pet coat care products.

Harnessing the power of immortelle in our pet grooming products aligns with our mission to create organic, natural, and sustainable solutions for pet owners and groomers. To ensure we meet the highest possible standards, all of our grooming products are certified as organic and vegan by the ECOGEA institute. The use of ingredients such as immortelle enables us to craft the very finest pet coat care products without harming the planet.

What is Immortelle Flower?

Immortelle (Helichrysum Italicum) is a small evergreen shrub native to rocky and sandy areas of the Mediterranean. During the flowering season, the plant produces dense mats of tiny yellow fragrant flowers. The flowers retain their colour and shape even when dried, hence the name immortelle, meaning everlasting in French.

In ancient times, Greeks and Romans added immortelle to balms and salves used to treat wounds and skin problems. Traditional healers would turn to Helichrysum to treat issues, including rheumatism, muscle soreness, respiratory disease, and digestive problems. The use of immortelle continued throughout the centuries and is valued by modern herbalists and medical experts for its therapeutic benefits.

Interestingly, immortelle flowers are famous for their distinctive smell, which reminds many people of curry spices! Luckily, this aroma doesn’t tend to be noticeable when immortelle is prepared as an essential oil or flower extract, as fans of our Immortelle Rejuvenating range can verify.

immortelle flower for dogs

Immortelle flower does wonders for dog's coat and skin.

Immortelle Flower Benefits for the Skin

Immortelle flower offers numerous benefits for the skin, making it a key ingredient in our rejuvenating dog shampoo and conditioner. These delightful flowers have natural soothing properties that can help calm irritated or sensitive skin, reducing redness and easing discomfort. In addition, immortelle essential oil helps retain moisture in the skin, preventing dryness and promoting a soft, hydrated skin texture.

One of the key features of helichrysum is its ability to promote the regeneration of skin cells. This accelerates the healing process of wounds, cuts, and abrasions, leading to quicker recovery, healthier skin, and reduced scarring. Regular use of helichrysum enhances the skin’s natural healing abilities and helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Immortelle is widely used in both human and pet skincare products for the treatment of conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. It contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds such as arzanol and curcumin, both of which reduce inflammation and swelling. These properties can also alleviate itching in dogs suffering from allergies and other skin conditions.

Coat Care Benefits of Immortelle Flower

Immortelle flowers are packed full of highly impressive properties that can enhance the health and appearance of your dog’s coat. Using our carefully formulated pet shampoo and conditioner enriched with immortelle is a surefire way to improve texture and shine, resulting in a soft, smooth, and more lustrous coat.

The nutrients in helichrysum are nourishing for the dog's coat, helping to naturally strengthen and repair each hair from the follicle upwards. Regular use provides deep moisturisation, keeping the coat hydrated and preventing breakage and tangles. 

The antioxidant properties of immortelle flowers also protect against environmental damage and pollutants. Our pets are inevitably exposed to environmental stressors such as air pollution and UV radiation, but natural ingredients like immortelle can help prevent and reverse this damage.

One final benefit of using helichrysum oil in pet coat care products is that it helps to strengthen hair follicles, reducing hair breakage and loss. This results in less shedding and a fuller, healthier coat that glistens with natural shine. Your dog’s coat will be sleeker, easier to groom, and less prone to knots and matting.

immortelle flower for dogs

The bright yellow blossums of the Helichrysum - aka Immortelle flower

The Different Forms of Immortelle Flower

Immortelle flower is commonly found as an essential oil and may also be labelled as helichrysum oil. Essential oils are made by steam-distilling plants, in this case, freshly picked immortelle flowers, to extract their chemical compounds. The result is a highly concentrated oil that contains potent levels of beneficial compounds.

Because essential oils are so concentrated, they should always be diluted before use with a carrier such as coconut or jojoba oil. Just a few drops of this diluted oil massaged through the coat after bathing will add lustre and shine and improve skin health.

Although we are big fans of essential oils, we opted to use immortelle flower extract in our Immortelle rejuvenating range. Flower extracts undergo a complex solvent extraction method to obtain a pure form of the compounds that bring so many benefits to our nourishing dog shampoos and conditioners. As always, we only use immortelle flower extract that is certified as organic by the ECOGEA institute.

In addition, ointments and sprays formulated with Helichrysum flower extract can be used to address specific issues such as dry patches, wounds, or irritations. Immortelle sprays can be used to provide a quick boost of hydration and shine, as well as to protect the coat from environmental stressors.

Helichrysum ointments provide a concentrated application that can be applied directly to affected areas, promoting rapid healing and reducing inflammation. The regenerative properties of immortelle support skin cell renewal, making these ointments effective for treating scars and minor cuts.

Where to Find Immortelle Flower

When sourcing pet grooming products containing immortelle flower, it is important to choose reputable brands that use pure, natural ingredients. Greenwashing can be very common in the industry, so it's important to choose products from companies who are transparent with ther ingredient sourcing. Look for third party certifications like those from Ecogea, and if you are still unsure, then reach out to the compay directly to ask. 

immortelle dog shampoo

Our Immortelle shampoo and conditioner are infused with Immortelle extract

Our flagship Immortelle range boasts a gentle yet effective natural dog shampoo and deeply nourishing conditioner that maximises the beneficial properties of this delicate yellow flower. By blending immortelle flower extract with other natural ingredients, such as aloe vera and olive oil, we’ve created what we believe to be the most innovative use of this versatile botanical. Our Immortelle range is available online or via carefully selected authorised retailers.

If you are using immortelle for the first time with your pet, follow any manufacturer's instructions carefully to reduce the risk of adverse reactions. For example, Doglyness shampoos and conditioners are highly concentrated and must be diluted with water before use. When using immortelle ointments and sprays, perform a patch test on a small area of your dog's skin first to ensure they do not have an adverse reaction.

Immortelle Flower for Dogs

The beautiful Immortelle flower brings significant benefits to your dog’s coat health, including soothing irritated skin, reducing inflammation, promoting skin regeneration, and enhancing texture and shine.

Regular use of this incredible botanical is essential to reap the full benefits, which is why we invite you to explore our innovative Immortelle Rejuvenating range. The fact that our Immortelle Shampoo and Conditioner consistently score 5/5 on customer reviews tells you everything you need to know about how popular and effective they are! These products reflect our commitment to holistic pet care through organic, vegan, and sustainable practices, and we are incredibly proud that our loyal customers adore them as much as we do.