Sustainability - The Doglyness Way

The pet care industry has always been a contributor to global plastic waste, producing millions of pounds per year.

Plastic packaging is used for pet food and pet care products and also used for toys, food/water bowls, grooming products and more. The number of households that have pets continues to rise, up almost 10% in the last ten years. And as the global human population continues to rise exponentially, it’s inevitable that the pet population will rise as well. And that means even more waste. But there are ways that pet owners can reduce their pet’s environmental footprint. And one of them is to choose sustainable products!

Sustainability has been a core pillar of the Doglyness mission since it was just a dream in our founder, Anka’s, imagination. In a search to find natural, effective, and eco-friendly pet care products, it became apparent that there was a serious gap in the market. And because Anka couldn’t find an option that was dog and planet-friendly, without nasty ingredients, she decided to create one herself!

Most dog shampoos, conditioners, and sprays are packaged in plastic bottles. And that’s not to mention the nasty chemicals they contain that end up leeching into our water system. Our dogs are part of our family, and we only want the best for them, but that doesn’t mean having a negative impact on the planet! So, we’re creating a wave of change and an eco-friendly pet care movement, demonstrating how we do sustainability - the Doglyness way.

Pet care sustainability Doglyness

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Doglyness!

The Doglyness Mission

At Doglyness, we believe in supporting the well-being of nature and respecting all living beings, from the tiniest tree sapling to the dogs and humans we share the planet with. From the beginning of product development, it was our mission to meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs. That means that no part of our processes should cause harm to the environment or leave a lasting impact, like toxins or plastics. We believe in the well-being of mother nature and respect all living beings. For us, effective natural dog products go hand in hand with respect for people, animals, and nature. There is no compromising.

How we are leaving a pawsitive print on the planet

Not only are we passionate about reducing the environmental impact of pet care products, but we want to have a ‘paw’sitive one! Reducing waste and toxic chemicals is a good start, but it’s not enough, especially when alternative options are available. We know that we can and MUST do better if we are going to bring about any significant changes in the industry. It’s our duty and moral responsibility to be more sustainable. Here are some of the ways that Doglyness is leaving a positive print.

Compostable packaging

Before Doglyness even existed, we were already looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions. Using plastic was never an option for us. Even though some plastic packaging is recyclable, the reality is that 91% of it ends up in our landfills, oceans, or as litter. Plus, the production of plastic bottles is still resource-intensive.

pet care sustainability doglyness

All our products are packaged in plastic-free Veganbottles® made from plants.

We soon realized that there were basically no pet care products using sustainable packaging - at least none that met our standards. But after more than a year of searching, we came across Veganbottle®, an innovative sustainable alternative to plastic packaging. They create a range of packaging options made from plants and minerals like hemp, seeds, flax, wood fibers, kernels, and bagasse, which is made from sugarcane stalks, and what our Doglyness bottles are made from. Since the bottles are made from raw, natural materials, they are entirely compostable.

Sugarcane doesn’t require much farmland to grow and needs very little water. Plus, the process of manufacturing the bottles is simple and doesn’t generate the pollution or toxic waste that plastic does. And with plastic taking thousands of years to break down, it’s a no-brainer to switch to more sustainable alternatives. We hope our use of compostable packaging will inspire other brands in the pet care industry to follow suit.

Find out more about how and why we keep our dog grooming products plastic-free here.

Botanical ingredients 

All Doglyness products are made with certified organic and vegan botanical ingredients from high-quality sources. Dogs have very sensitive skin and a delicate microbiome. Many shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals that we know are skin irritants and can cause serious damage over time. But companies continue to use them because, in the short-term, they may ‘look’ effective (such as instantly smoothing your dog’s coat). But not only is using chemical-based dog care products bad for your dog’s health, but it also goes right down the drain and back into our water system and leeching into the ground.

pet care sustainability doglyness

We use only natural, organic and botanical ingredients certified by ECOGEA.

This is why we never use nasty or toxic ingredients in our Doglyness products and instead leverage nature's nourishing, soothing, and cleansing power and the botanical ingredients mother nature provides us. And they are certified by the ECOGEA institute for quality and innovation of natural and organic products, so you can rest assured the ingredients are verified. Some of our favorite botanical and sustainable ingredients in our pet care products include colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, coconut butter, calendula flower, and rosemary leaf extract, all with their own unique and beneficial properties.

Sustainable practices

Beyond just using sustainable packaging and ingredients, it’s important that we incorporate sustainability into all our business practices. We’ve been super intentional about every stage of our operations to make sure they are as environmental-friendly and positive to the planet as possible. We’ve banned any plastic or non-sustainable materials in the production and shipping process for our products. Not only are our bottles compostable, but the packaging we ship them in is also compostable. And we use no unsustainable materials or processes in the storage of Doglyness products either.

Recognition in sustainability

Although our commitment to sustainability has always been for the love of dogs and the planet, recognition helps to spread awareness and create a more profound impact. We recently received The Sustainability Award from the Pet Industry Federation, and it’s probably one of the most significant achievements accomplished as a team and brand. Our founder Anka says, “This recognition inspires other brands and the industry as a whole, showing them that it’s possible to provide high-quality natural products with a low footprint on the planet.” While we were finalists for the award last year in 2021, we took the win this year. It was such an honor to be recognized alongside some other incredible brands and serve as a beacon of hope that the pet care industry is ready to move in a more sustainable direction.

pet care sustainability doglyness

Proud to be winners of the 2022 Sustainability Award from PIF.

What the award means for us?

The Sustainability Award is more than just a trophy to us. It reaffirms our mission and is validation that what we stand for is recognized and appreciated. The Doglyness team is genuinely so passionate about sustainability and has put in so much work to be a positive wave of change in the pet industry and a trusted pet brand that brings innovation and pushes sustainability policies to extremes with each new product. We can’t change the entire industry on our own, and platforms like the Pet Industry Federation Awards give us the opportunity to spread the word about all the incredible things we’ve been doing in hopes of inspiring others to implement changes as well. This award means so much to us and motivates us to continue to innovate and provide more sustainable products to dog owners and groomers.

Sustainable innovation plans for the future

So, what plans do we have for the future? We’re an ambitious bunch, and we have no plans to slow down anytime soon. We work very closely with our Doglyness grooming community and constantly use our customer feedback to drive new product development. We have some exciting sustainable products coming down the pipeline, including sustainable grooming gear, non-slip dog grooming pads, and new shampoo and conditioner lines. If you’re struggling to find a sustainable, eco-friendly option for something pet care related, let us know! It may just be our next new product launch.