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The Doglyness Way

For Doglyness, effective natural dog products go hand in hand with respect for people, animals, and nature. The power of the dog brings vast benefits to their human companions, and the power of nature can provide immense benefits back to them. For Doglyness, effective natural dog products go hand in hand with respect for people, animals, and nature. The power of the dog brings vast benefits to their human companions, and the power of nature can provide immense benefits back to them.

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Based on 240 reviews
Excellent shampoo

I like the scent and quality of this shampoo. Works great for my poodle baby.

Great spray

I’ve used this to my 10 month old poodle’s detangling and it is great! Higly recommend

Immortelle Shampoo and Conditioner

These products have made such a difference to my grooms. The results are amazing, drying time reduced and the whole ethos of the company is the cherry on top. I use these products on all of my clients because I want them to have the best experience possible

OATS Calming Shampoo
Gloria Walkley
Oats Product Line

Amazing product. I use it for one of my dogs who was very itchy after a flea infestation, and she now is itch free. I also use it on my white show poodle. Her coat is amazing, and I don't lose coat when I do maintenance brushing.


Absolutely incredible! I have a standard poodle going through coat change, and using Doglyness especially the immortelle conditioner has made it so easy to brush out her tangles. Her coat is so soft and easy to scissor!


Bursta 8 und 33 sind beide sehr empfehlenswert; ebenso das Pflegespray. Kein Vergleich zu anderen Bürsten - bei langen Haaren (Lhasa) die optimale Hilfe. Einfach top!

Perfect for itchy dogs!

I’ve been having a hard time finding a shampoo that doesn’t create more of a problem for my dog who has skin allergies. This is doing the trick! It has also helped with my clients that have itchy skin

Grooming saloon "Dog and the city"

We bought shampoo and conditioner for us from the "Dog and the city" salon in Split, Croatia, because it is simply the best

Game changing!

Finally decided to try shampoo and conditioner. The difference in my dog’s coats after 1 use is unbelievable!


absolutely amazing products, impressive results, we will never go back to anything else!

Great set

Total set for great haircare by damaged hair

Love it!

I’m in loooove with the scent!😍

LEVEL UP Leave-In Conditioning Cream
Fanni Sulyok-Nádudvari

Top quality! I’m in love with the scent 🤤

Just Best

This shampoo is the best for us 🐩😍

Razzle Dazzle Curved
Melissa Hudson
Super comfortable!

Exactly what I wanted— excellent quality shears! Very fun, stylish color too! I think the value on these is wonderful— they actually feel like they would cost much more, but have that comfortable, easy, daily convenience.

Liked from the first sparying

I really liked how it works on hair. I use it for brushing head ears and neck - the areas where hair are the longest. I maintains and don't leave any greasy spots. Also it looks like it absorbes to the hair while brushing. Looks like prevents tangling a little bit.

Faulty packaging

Love the products themselves, but a sprayer and a pump were ineffective right out of the box. That meant we had to pour products into a mixing bottle to use, which caused waste, and had to purchase an additional spray bottle before we could use the coat spray. If this was a $30 purchase it would be a non-issue. For a $700 purchase and a brand that promotes sustainability, I would expect functional bottling.

Love It

Best product ever!

Sehr gute schampo

Hallo, wasche alle meine Hunde und Welpen mit Shampoo und habe nur gute Resultate.
Bin sehr zufrieden.

Amazing product!

I love this product. By using this you can easily brush away even big knots from a poodles coat!

Best dog-gone products I’ve used to date! A bit pricey but worth every pennyI highly recommend!

I can’t say enough good things!

I was wary of the price tag, but my only regret is not purchasing sooner. The Immortelle line is incredible! In addition to having a shiny, healthy coat to work on, my dogs rinse easier and dry faster. Even after conditioning, my curly coats are plushy and not weighed down. It’s nice not to need any additional products to add volume to the coat. Highly recommend!

Well Worth The Price!

I'm not one to spend a lot of money on something like shampoo for myself, let alone my dogs. But as I venture into the show world with my poodles, I was hearing rave reviews about imortelle and oats by Doglyness. I decided to save up and buy some to try it out. To say I am impressed is an understatement. I haven't had a chance to use Oats yet, but Imortelle is amazing, it cleans like no other shampoo I've used and my boy had a shine to his coat after the first time using it! His coat is normally very dry and dull and really hard to fluff out, the curls were difficult to fully break apart even freshly clean. The brushes are also well worth it and did a great job getting tangles out of his coat after his bath. I'm absolutely going to order more in the future, it's more than worth it!

A must have

I have been using the immortelle line for a long time & the level up cream (on my silver miniature poodle) and I was very satisfied but haven’t seen that shine. The reason was that I was using another spray…The moment I switched to spray all day, that shine came up!

Very satisfied!

I normally use the immortelle line (on my miniature silver poodle)but I purchased the oat line for the dog show. I actually used it first time that day…...that’s how much I trust all doglyness products!