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Based on 307 reviews
Always does wonders!

I've been using Doglyness Immortelle Line on my Bichon Frise, Ember, since he was about 4 months old, now almost 2yrs old, and his coat always stays so shiny and healthy. We compete in grooming competitions so it works wonders for the upkeep and maintenance on his show coat. So far, it seems to be the best product for his skin as well! I've tried a few other brands for moisture and skin & coat maintenance but Doglyness always tops anything else I've used. The Immortelle Line is also just so amazing for working out any matting he does get from being active or me unfortunately not having time to brush from time to time. If I was using any other shampoo he would have so much more breakage after a brush out of mats, but with the Immortelle line plus the Spray All Day product his coat stays so healthy! I've also started using the line on our new Bichon puppy (5 months old) and his coat has already started to get more dense and healthy. Overall, I genuinely recommend the product, and I appreciate the influence of Kenny at House of Wolves for getting me on the Doglyness train!!


"I'm amazed! I've never experienced such a great product before. You don't expect a product to make such a significant difference from the first use. But Lipa does! I'm in love with the product. I also want to commend the customer service I've experienced. I have a bathing pump and was unsure about how to use the product with the bathing pump, but I received quick help. Thank you."

Loved the products after one use. I am excited to see her coat after multiple uses as I grow her out for a longer winter cut.

Game changer

Words can’t describe how amazing oats line is just wow . I started using this product mark of 2023 and I have fallen head over heels for this product, from the first time I use this shampoo and the conditioner i notice immediately the difference in my poodles coat . Rua is an fawn apricot medium poodle as it has really helped his coat especially
During coat change when I have to cut him way down due to how damaged his hair was . I honestly thought I would never get him as fluffy again or it would take so so long as he had holes in his coat as I was desperately trying to not shave him down . In 3 months his coat has not only sprouted with fur but his condition of his coat was Incredible and so healthy. I have now finished showing Rua but I refuse to use anything other than doglness as I love there quality in there products and it has really made me as a groomer and pet owner think about coat health and ingredients in products. I couldn’t be more happier that I found doglness and it really has been a game changer for Rua . I use this product even in the salon for dogs who have sensitive skin and it has made such a change . I couldn’t recommend doglness enough. Regards Diana

Excellent product

Very useful spray!

Love at first wash

Absolutely blown away by this product and its quality. My bedlingtons coat felt more coarse as it should even after just one use of doglyness. My dog is still a youngster and these products gave his coat loads of texture and volume. The conditioner melted all the mats away in the shower, and the coat was superfast to blowdry after. In love!

Gamechanger for Boris

We had been using immortelle rejuvenating shampoo and conditioner on our standard poodle Boris since august of 2022 and were very pleased with the results since he has a thick coat which needs a lot of maintenance and attention. Since then we had also been growing him out in continental and felt like he needed that bit more nourishment. Enter lipa! 🤩 in lipa his coat is even softer while maintaining texture and it survives the wrapping every single week. We have found a great balance between using lipa on maintenance weeks and immortelle on show weeks and are blown away by the results. 100 out of 5 stars 😍

Lipa Shampoo and Conditioner

Absolutely love this. Both of my standards are in modified lambs and their coats are soft and none matting. Thank you for your wonderful products.

A magic wand for drop coats!

My Shih tzu is often full coated everywhere except his body. He likes to burrow in blankets, ruin his bands, etc. I washed him with the Lipa shampoo and conditioner, and his coat looks thicker, feels flawless, and makes the rest of the grooming process a breeze! I am now tracking his coat progress and I can't wait to see how his coat looks by the end of the year. I'm so happy to see the dog grooming community rave about this fabulous company.

A magic wand for drop coats!

My Shih tzu is often full coated everywhere except his body. He likes to burrow in blankets, ruin his bands, etc. I washed him with the Lipa shampoo and conditioner, and his coat looks thicker, feels flawless, and makes the rest of the grooming process a breeze! I am now tracking his coat progress and I can't wait to see how his coat looks by the end of the year. I'm so happy to see the dog grooming community rave about this fabulous company.

From the very first bath I can see the difference in the condition of my poodles hair. I can’t wait to see the results of continued use

I have only used it a few times but so far I’m very impressed. I add just a little to water for a brushing spray/ conditioner. It has worked beautifully.


I'm very pleased with both shampoo & conditioner for my white/blue parti poodle who has a very curly coat. It has stayed straighter for more days than usual & has a pleasant smell too.

Poodle looks and feels great!

Just tried Immortal shampoo and conditioner on one of my standard poodles. No matting, blowout and brushing was painless for all! Love it and can't wait to use on the rest of the gang!

Salon Game Changer

I love this product so much that I have built my business with it. Since I opened my salon I have been using Doglyness products exclusively. I even pass on styling products as I just don't find them necessary. The groomers set came along at just the right time for me, just as my business started to grow and I needed more product each month. I am so grateful for this opportunity, which has become much more affordable and I feel this can really help groomers to put their values at the forefront and go exclusively Doglyness!

Intense Conditioning

This product I found to be even more concentrated than the other conditioners. I don't know if this is true or if my boy's coat was just not severely damaged but I had to use less than what I use of Immortelle and Oats, which is shocking because of those two I only use 1 pump in a 1L mixing bottle! My first wash/condition with Lipa I used the 1 pump and though the coat had good strength and moisture, when I did half a pump the next time it was even better.

magic meringue

I love this shampoo! I got it just to try it out and I used it on my silver standard poodle who is bathed weekly. I assumed he may have a bit of damage to his coat since I bath and blow dry him for show so often. I used the same amount of shampoo as I do with Immortelle and Oats (12 pumps) in my tub with a submersible pump, which makes the product go a lot further. The foam that was created by the pump was just like whipped egg whites. It felt like meringue! It was so rich, creamy and smooth and spread on his shaved parts like I was coating him in icing. And it smells delicious too! His coat came out quite strong but nourished. I was able to scissor him, which I wouldn't have expected but saw someone else do so thought I'd give it a try. It worked well. It's a great product for a coat like a silver because sometimes the Immortelle is just too nourishing but with this product at least I know I'm not drying him out, but I still get the strength into his hair.

Where have you been all my life?

Wow! This product is so wonderful! Every client has looked and felt fantastic. I’m about to order more because i I don’t think I can live without this now.

Really great shampoo!

I used this shampoo and conditioner on my Bichons at a recent Dog Show. I was told to use it by a Groomer here, Erica Kellett. You should really have her as a product Ambassador here in the States! She raved about it and let me use some of hers and the next day I placed my order from the Dog Show! She appeared to be very knowledgeable and absolutely loves your products! We went Best of Breed over some nice competition!

Great product

My Standard Poodle isn’t growing coat as fast or as thick as I would like. I decided to try this product and I am not disappointed. It’s expensive but you use such a tiny bit that I believe it will last a long time. While the Immortelle is not good for snow days or grooming days (Oats seems better for this) my dog’s coat is so easy to care for and seems to be growing a bit faster. In addition to working well, I enjoy the fragrance. Some products are not pleasant to smell but this one is one I can enjoy too. I will definitely purchase again. .

Love love LOVE Lipa.

You can’t have one without the other, this conditioner works wonders. Both it and the shampoo smell like subtle honeysuckle and beyond it’s healing power, it neutralizes odors in a nearly surprising way. A few pumps goes a long way and delivers amazing results.

Highly concentrated & highly effective.

This is my go-to for every Brillo pad type coat that’s lost all its luster or has seen a lot of neglect. Paired with the conditioner, it makes a lovely deshedding treatment, as well, and reversed damage in even my own hair. I’ve never been able to grow my fine hair past my shoulders without the ends drying out and looking unhealthy, and my hair is well past my shoulders and is fuller than it’s ever been. Wonderful addition to the Doglyness line and very cost effective with its dilution ratio.

Lovely results.

A must have when accompanying Oats shampoo. Particularly wonderful when dealing with heavy matting or packed coats, very very visibly soothes skin irritations and increases manageability on difficult coats.

Better than any medicated shampoo I’ve ever used.

Beyond the results I’ve seen with every dog I’ve used this on, I bathed a very nervous dog with thinning hair and very irritated skin and watched her whole body relax after the shampoo set on her for a few minutes. I also have a rescue that had only been bathed with flea shampoo her whole life - after one use, her skin calmed down and she doesn’t lick her feet anymore. It truly stimulates hair growth as well, her thin coat started building back up in a week’s time. Worth every single penny and it’s beautiful seeing the instant relief it provides.

Can’t live without this spray any longer.

I adore everything about this spray, so much that I use it as a detangler for my 3 year old and spritz my fine hair with it as a light conditioner. Both of us have never had such healthy hair and same goes for all the dogs that I use it on as well!! She thinks it smells like cookies, I think it smells like heaven, and it really does it’s job.