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For Doglyness, effective natural dog products go hand in hand with respect for people, animals, and nature.

The power of the dog brings vast benefits to their human companions, and the power of nature can provide immense benefits back to them.
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Based on 366 reviews
Moisturizing and deshedding

I used this on my shedding dog, and after his blowout, hardly any hair came out while brushing! This has never happened before after any bath.

It rinses super clean and made his hair really soft.

The fragrance is very light, but he still smells fresh and clean!

Gentle but powerful cleansing

I used this on my Blue Heeler who had a tendency to get itchy.

It leathers up really well and cleans deeply for being a gentle product!

My dogs fur tends to get pretty dirty and this left him clean and smelling great.

Rinses with no residue!

Adds slip and shine like a silicone spray

Without the silicone.

I used this after bathing, blowing out and brushing my dogs as a finishing spray. The coat already felt great but this added a boost of shine and silkiness to the coat.

The smell is light and herbal, not strong but really fresh! Definitely a nice smell to top off a fresh bath.

Powerful detangler!

I used this paired with Lipa Shampoo and diluted according to directions. A little really does go a long way and my boys curls rinses so silky with no residue and really was great for detangling. His hair dryed and brushed out amazing.

First impressions of a SKEPTIC!

I have heard a lot about this brand but was skeptical about the price.

It's hard to say exactly the results of this shampoo as i paired it with the leave in cream, the Lipa conditioner, and the spray all day.

My initial concern was that the product wouldn't be strong enough diluted, and therefor I'd need a lot just for one bath on my full coated poodle.

However, it lathered amazing after dillution! My dog felt super soft after rinsing before conditioning. The smell is very light, but he smelled super fresh and clean after!

So even though it is gentle, and diluted it was very cleansing, deoderizing, and moisturizing!

After a blow out and brush my boy feels, looks, and smells amazing! The brush and comb were gliding through his hair!

I'll be curious to see how his skin and coat perform between baths.

I'll also get about 10 baths I think out of the 500ml bottle so it will average out to be slightly more expensive than what we usually spend, but not substantially more. Which is totally worth it for clean ingredients, sustainable packaging, and great results.


I’m loving the smell and workability of this spray- thanks again for a top knot whoops a top notch product ❤️🐩

Great Brush

I really love this brush- my poodles love it and I appreciate this company’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of our pets and planet. I’m enjoying the spray too and look forward to when I can purchase the shampoo and conditioner (when I run out of what I’m using;)

Hands down a superior mat!

I am a big fan of table mats and this one is by far the best one I have used! It's a lot denser and so far more resistant to scratches. It also dries very quickly if it gets wet, and has a lot of grip on the table (doesn't fly away when blow drying!). It should be noted I don't have any rowdy pups or pups with overgrown nails, but I've been using this mat every day including drying and it still looks brand new

I ordered around mid January and it came mid February.. pushing my buiz back. Will I ever order again maybe we’ll see how good the product is, I’ll be doing a review soon on vid! (FEDEX overall did there job great!)

The very Best!!

I use it on my Poodles for wrapping. Never tried anything better!

And on Top!
My Son (7) uses it instead of Hair Jelly or Spray. It gives a nice finish plus makes me feel good as a Mom because of no Chemicals.


It smells great, you can smooth it out easily, and the coat looks wonderful and feels so so soft, love it

Oats Dogyleness Shampoo

Based on the the he pfull advice from Dogleness.My Standard Poodle was diagnosed with Sebastious adenitis. The dermatologist was amazed with his coat. It is appearing thicker and growing rapidly! We love Dogleness shampoo. Thank you for the advice

Best hair care

I used it to get more care for my poodle's hair after summer and shows which left the hair a bit dry. I made a mix of cream and water (exactly as described in directions on website) and left it on hair after shampoo and conditioner. It didn't leave hair heavy, I was able to scissor after it and hair was beautiful, with less tangles then ever and it helped speed up my drying because of it. Love it!

Great curve

I am very pleased with Midas curved scissors. It provides exactly the curve I was looking for and leaves a smooth finish on my poodle's hair. I am very satisfied !

Good product but…

Good product but the Matt stains very easy. Ion the 2nd day my beautiful Matt had stains from septic powder, I can not get them out. Paid a lot of money for this product. Not happy with the stains. Do love that it stays in place. And toe nails do not seem to puncture the mat.

The best of the best!

This shampoo is INCREDIBLE! I love using it as a first wash for my dogs with serious skin issues. I also used the skin relief package (spray, skin relief balm, leave in coat conditioner) and it is also incredible. I use it on all of my clients. Nothing I’ve ever used comes even close in terms of quality and usability of doglyness. It’s very concentrated so it can last for a really long time. I only wish this shampoo was slightly more affordable because most of my clients aren’t willing to pay extra for this shampoo. I’ll still be using it anyways lol!! Doglyness is truly the best.

Love it!

Imortelle is my favorite, smells so good and always looks so shiny! One of my clients I actually used oats on!


After one time of using it with a Jack russel puppy of 12 weeks, the surface has scratches allready. Client service also bad, didn’t get any answer. A real disappointment for that kind of money.

Tolle Ergebnisse

Wollte die Linie unbedingt mal austesten und bin begeistert. Stark strapaziertes Pudelfell wieder wie neu. Danke ❤️

Tolle Ergebnisse

Wollte die Linie unbedingt mal austesten und bin begeistert. Stark strapaziertes Pudelfell wieder fast wie neu. Bin gespannt wie es in ein paar Monaten aussieht. Danke ❤️


In love with that smell!! Just gorgeous! And the coat is simply amazing after using it❤️

See the growth

I can literally see the growth line on the hair from using the lipa.

Wonderful and easy to use

I love everything about the spray. It's easy to use and brush the hair when it's applied. My Kira seems to love the smell which is always a plus. For me it's best for brushing during and at the end of drying and also between baths, after walks and play.