BURSTA 8 | Dog Pin Brush


The finest quality dog pin brush designed for smooth detangling of all medium to long-haired breeds with fine and more fragile coats. Features soft rubber cushion with 0.85mm dull endpins that won’t break the hair or irritate the skin. Always use conditioning spray when brushing the coat. Finely crafted in Germany to last for years.

  • Made of FSC® certified beechwood
  • Lifts out dead hair and debris
  • Evenly distributes skin’s natural oils
  • Anti-static pins (0.85mm & 20mm)
  • Pleasant feeling on the skin
  • Contoured handle for ultimate comfort
  • Leaves a shiny and healthy coat

Always use a detangling or conditioning spray while brushing to prevent damaging the coat. Spray on parts you wish to brush or detangle and gently work from the hair's tips to the roots. This brush is ideal for all medium to long-haired breeds with fine or more fragile types of hair.  Bursta 8 brush works as a great detangling and styling brush before, during, and after drying.

The Doglyness Way

At Doglyness, we see it as our duty and responsibility to do everything within our power to offer you the most sustainable option for all your pet grooming needs. The pet grooming industry has traditionally had a rather large footprint, and we know we can—we must—do better! This is why we've done our research and found effective ways to deliver the highest quality products without costing the Earth. For Doglyness, effective natural dog products go hand in hand with respect for people, animals, and nature.


All Doglyness products are formulated with the highest quality, Ecogea-certified organic and toxin-free ingredients that deliver potent results, leaving your dog's hair and skin visibly healthier, smoother, glowing, and radiant.


We firmly believe that investing in quality organic products for your pet means investing in his health to ensure prosperity and well-being. This is why we have taken a NO NASTIES PLEDGE and are sending all nasty chemicals to exile.


At Doglyness, we are proud to say that our products are certified vegan by the Ecogea Institute, which means that they do not contain any animal extracts or animal by-products in the ingredients or the manufacturing process.


Modern society has a waste problem, and that is no secret. Human beings have gotten too comfortable with single-use items and the disposable culture as a whole. At Doglyness, we are not down with that and believe we can—we must—do better. The question is, "How"?


When choosing Doglyness products for your pet grooming needs, you can rest assured that the manufacturing process did not include any activities that harmed or killed animals, and it never will!


When it comes to our products, we do not take any chances and like to keep them "local". This is why we are proud to say that our products are entirely produced in the EU according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of cosmetic products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Iris Zachos

Works perfect, it is a must buy

Filomena Goncalves


Anna Disco

Went on the recommendation of a groomer we know from the UK who highly recommended this brush. I live in the US, and not a professional groomer, but wanted a brush for their poodle coats that would be gentle, long lasting and do a great job. It ticks all the boxes, and I am very pleased I made the purchase!

Lovely brush

Like all professional groomers I have a tendency to buy way too many brushes, combs and scissors-well this brush was worth buying! Bought for my Tibetan spaniel, it is perfectly gentle while being enough to get through the coat. Love the handle, most comfortable pin brush I’ve used (I have small hands). Excellent!

Tiina K
Perfect brush

Bursta 8 is absolutely perfect brush for blowdrying a standard poodle. It´ is gentle so it won´t damage the hair but it´ is firm enough to make the coat straight. It´ is also very comfortable and light to handle. By far the best brush I´ve tried!